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Why there are so few Indigenous graduates at convocation

Written by: Veldon Coburn, PhD candidate at Queen’s University’s, Anishinaabe from Pikwàkanagàn, Lecturer, McGill University Convocation can be a very emotional occasion. Each year, it seems, the commentariat is whipped up into near hysterics over some honorary degree recipient or...


How to increase childhood vaccination rates

Written by: Catherine Carstairs, Professor and Chair, University of Guelph A vaccine (toxoid) against diphtheria first became available in Toronto in 1926. Thanks to the work of the Toronto Diphtheria Committee, the city was diphtheria-free by 1940. (Shutterstock)Childhood vaccination has...


Why nanotechnology is more than just a buzzword

Written by: Upulie Divisekera, PhD candidate, Monash University The colour of gold nanoparticles in suspension varies according to the size of the nanoparticles. Valeg96, CC BYWhat does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for you? I’ve spent the best part of...

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